Investor Round Table on the Startup Talk Podcast

Startup Talk Podcast Investor Round Table

Investor Round Table on The Startup Talk Podcast

Investor Round Table from TorontoStarts an open panel discussion with Investors,  The Startup Coach talks to investors to get their insights on the current state of startup funding in Canada.

Investor Panelists:
Danielle Brewin Graham of Sandpiper Ventures
Stuart Browne of Pycap Venture Partners
Alex Morsink of Equivesto

We cover topics including:

  • What Conversations should entrepreneurs and investors be having that they are not?
  • With Canada being 7+ months into COVID, what is the current  state of funding in Canada?
  • How long, in general, does an average investment from a VC take from the initial investor pitch, through due diligence, to the startups receiving the money?
  • What are fund cycles and why does it matter where a fund is in their cycle, to startups looking for investment?
  •  What do you feel about SAFEs as an investment vehicle in general?
  • How do you work with the companies you are invested in?
  • What comes first for a startup: community, traction, or funding?
  • and questions from the audience on fund raising in Canada vs the US, best places in Canada to raise funding, and different types of traction


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