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Shareholder’s Agreements The Startup Talk Podcast

Shareholder’s Agreements with Alex Morsink on The Startup Talk Podcast

TorontoStarts and Equivesto present “Preparing Shareholder’s Agreements for Equity Crowdfunding” with Equivesto. In this session we talk about all the considerations you need to think about when preparing your shareholders agreements with some extras on specifics things to look for related to equity crowdfunding.

Raising capital for their startup is the number one concern of founders. In fact only 0.05% of Startups receive VC funding, what happens to the 99.95% who don’t? With equity crowdfunding the rules have changed allowing startups to take their funding into their own hands. Learn the details of being successful at equity crowdfunding for your startup at Equivesto connects innovative, driven, inspired Canadian businesses with the capital they need to succeed through their community-focused equity crowdfunding platform

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