Startup Face Off 6 on the Startup Talk Podcast

Startup Faceoff 6 on The Startup Talk Podcast

Startup Faceoff 6 on The Startup Talk Podcast

This lively and interactive session has our panelists discussing entrepreneur and startup topics of the day. They Face Off against each other on 4 topics and this group rarely agrees and things will get heated! Get different points of view from founders who are living it everyday. Recorded Live.

  • Mithulan Perinpanayagam – X-matik
  • Will Greenblatt – Outloud Speakers School
  • Zeba Dantas – Sway Mgmt
  • Craig Major of


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Topics include:

  • What is the priority for your startup in 2021?
  • How much Social is too much and how do you deal with it?
  • Does Canada need to revise legislation to allow more access to early startup investments?
  • How do you deal with founder depression, demotivation, and boredom?


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