Content Marketing & Branding in 2022

The Role of Content Marketing and Branding in 2022

Looking ahead at 2022, Daniel Francavilla partner and strategist at King Street Media and fractional CMO, joins the Startup Coach in a forward looking discussion on the Role of Content Marketing and Branding in 2022 and what startups should be looking at to build their brand and audience in 2022.

Topics include:

  • Shift to a rise in e-commerce brands vs physical stores and what does that mean for local businesses?
  • When do you need marketing leadership in your startup/business?
  • What role does authenticity play in marketing today?
  • When people hear content marketing they think “Spamming my audience with content” why is the wrong way to think about it?
  • What are the most common mistakes you see in startups when it comes to branding and content marketing?
  • What role does content marketing and branding play in 2022 for startups?
  • What does the data show when it comes to content marketing, and how are people consuming content today?
  • With the rise of eco-awareness does every brand have to be an eco brand?
  • What channels can we expect to grow in 2022?

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