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PORCH Helping 1 Million Immigrant Entrepreneurs Succeed

In this episode of the Startup Talk Podcast, the Startup Coach sits down with  Neil Weitzman, an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping immigrant entrepreneurs succeed in Canada. Neil is the CEO and Co-Founder of PORCH, an exclusive community for immigrant entrepreneurs and professionals, and the Founder of revenue•x, a Fractional CRO service that helps CEOs build and execute a robust Go-to-Market strategy for revenue acceleration.

Neil’s passion for helping immigrant entrepreneurs succeed in Canada is evident in both his work with PORCH and revenue•x. Through PORCH, Neil is building a community that provides valuable resources and connections to entrepreneurs who might otherwise struggle to get their businesses off the ground. And through revenue•x, he is helping CEOs build and execute effective Go-to-Market strategies that drive revenue growth. We hope that this interview will inspire our listeners and provided them with some valuable insights and advice for their own entrepreneurial journeys.


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